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  Well this is my Poetry  page ......A new Page Got More that ONE Poem To All Poetry Lovers ...
I Don't ask you to understand all what i want to say cuz most of what i want to say i can't say it thru words ......even the poetry doesn't say as i want to say ....well .....hope u all like it .
            I am Dead
Simply what can i do ?
this pain is inside
i can feel it in you
Oh .i am loosing me
nomore laughs
nothing more to be
i know i won't be here
i won't see happiness in your eyes
i won't feel you with me
i am dying young
i am loosing my life
nothing there to do
i love you .and u know
i will be leaving soon 'n' you will forget
But Babe..Don't you ever regret
i hate to leave but it 's God's will
no one can save me and no one will
i told u .i won't be here for long
life is short .didn't give me what i long
remember me Babe one time
listen to my soul crying
listen with me its song
I loved you deeply . i loved you strong
and distance didn't give me chance
i can hear it laughs and dances that sady dance
it laughs at my crying laughs while i am dying
When i be gone my babe
Listen to our song 
remember me babe
when i need you .
and i need you all night long
even in the day you are with me
i am the only one u belong
these eyes can't laugh anymore
they soon will be dying tells me to fly
it tells me to cry
pain is killing me .....someone had to help
but no one can hear ... no one is here
no one can help
no one sees my tears
no one can feel my feelings
i ma doomed and finaly dead
i wish you don't cry on me
i might not be here again
but we will meet
the endless life is there
then we can be together
we would be there
we would be forever
I Love You
___________________________________________________________________            ________________________
Monday, May 04, 1998
Just a Thought
Under the blue sky of illusion
i see tha world of confusion
feelings that never touches reality
walking on the deapth of my thoughts
hanging with all the capacity
just to sneek on my soul
where is the way to the free life?
where can we fly ??
i got the picture now at the end
where can people see
the endless life could be ....??
to live we die and death not ends it
we have the way and we got to pass
whether you're blind
running  fast
the picture now is clear
empty your thoughts fly with fear
it is a hard solution
but u got no choice
to run over rocks .....
to be killed on ice
seven black knights went to the battle
no one came .no one sattle
fire your gun now ..u are the same
whether u come
or stay in sin
under that dark sky of illusion
i can't see now any confusion
the world will end and u will know
to where your way are leading you
no more imagination everything is clear
fire your gun and hide your fear
your soul will rest now ... it is a long way
settle down no just don't say
your soul will answer u relax
if you are in sin ..they will know now
hide your fear it is an exam
whether to pass it
or fall in your damn
u got the picture now as me
wanna try another thought ??
just let me see
where have u gone i am looking for u
no more he no more me .....just walk on through
on 12:32 pm April 27/98
Flying With Thoughts
The moon on the hills is laughing
thoughts disappear.lights are flashing
the dying hearts are saying their wisdom
are we living in those complicated lies
what are we waiting for ?
words from a mouth of Philosopher
words from a lausy monster
words are the same just wordsor laughters
i left those tears i stopped the crys
i had a view of all the tries
do u knmow the place .where are we ??
just show me the picture and i will see
the stars are falling in da river
the wind blows up so hard
around the curtens a guitar is playing
to avoid the rain to avoid the waiting
should i hold ..when to kiss her
i will take her in my arms .i 'll treat her
get her to bed ..loving her again
starting to move like a fast train
shaking minds thoughts are dead
animal's desire our life's filled
can u see that controls the scene
the screams are louder the moves are mean
they are trying to beat us i bet they are
they are attaking ..see they are
the moves are faster..she screams louder'n'louder
i had to stop but that ain't enough
i enjoyed u ...can i enjoy u again
no i mean now.. come with me
the player still plays his game
the curtens falls ... the audiance are there
the play is over and life as same
Goodbye visitors complete our romance
Goodbye and play our game
Sunday, 21 June, 1998 
Well they askin me where is my sweetie .
i looked around and i was amaized
she is far away but her soul with me
trying to help me i am here
wanna be with her with all my feels
i wonder where she goes when i am lone
she just loves me and no body knows
i am deaply loving her and she is the one for me
can u see my friend i am totaly away
my body is with you ,while my mind is there
she got my heart and i am happy for that
she takes care of it .i know she does
well my friend what did u say .......
i heard her calling i am on my way
oh babe i am back with you .
hold me tight show me the view
we are together now nothing will make us apart
kiss my lips .put your arms around
my feelings are flying off the ground
i wish i can hold those feelings from flying
leaving my alone while i am dieing
where is my baby ..where is my dream .
very far away ...but that what it seems
she is with me and not far again
she's in my mind she controls my thoughts
she fills my heart .she is my soul
babe is with me wherever i go
babe will help me in what i do
i am in love my friend can't u see
she is the one that controls me
i am happy with her hope u see
learn from me man ..and take a lesson from that
love like me and u will be fine
love like me and fly with time
i wonder where are u my friend where did u go ??
searching for a sweet heart ....that 's nice to do .
i will wait for u but not alone
i have my babe ..she is on the phone
see u later buddy and don't be late
i will be her it is me to wait
goodbye my friend wich u luck
love like me and ride the truck
Yehia Zakaria ............

Well all of these Poems were written by me and their thoughts are mine ....well i wanted to tell something from these lines and i hope u got the meaning that i want to say even if it was hard ......Hope u all enjoyed it and there will be more of them ..and i will add them as soon as i finish them ... :)) hehe and don't forget King  TUT is watching you while u are reading ...hehe ....see ya all soon  
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