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A Photo of me
Well that is me ....the photo ain't scanned well but i tried to put it cuz many asked me to see it ...anyway i thought to write under it wanted ....that is a very good word to be written under such a photo ....right guys ....
You see those spots ...well if they weren't there i guss it would be a good one ....anyway it shows how do i look ..a prisoner ...right ...i read your mind guys ....
well .....see you all .

Here is a poem i wrote . just as a personal feelings .

what do u think of me, i say ..
a bad face ,  spots on the way .
where are these smiles .where are the laughs .
where did it go ,just behind the heart ,
I wonder where do we can go from here .
the door is locked , the way is far
the smiling face had disappeared now .
the facts doesn't make me laugh .
the way is hard .rocks every where .
the dream has gone to the unknown way
sad feelings control the soul .
taking me from you all .
thunder is just a sound ,
make me shever , bend to the ground .
where is the pain i wonder .
why don't i feel of thunder .
i may be dead now ,but i can breath .
or it 's illusions that got my feels
i will show my feels i won't fear
the door is open now ,i can go .
But where to go ,i can't see ,
Oh please God ,set me free .
written by : Yehia Z. Kharboush
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