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Well here is some images for The Little King's Mask
and Coffin  
King is asking :What Do you All Look At ....Haven't you ever seen a Dead man sleeping in his golden Coffin ....Go away you All I Wnna rest in Peace 
that is another mask pure gold ...Wow ....i bet you King Tut ...If you Knew That the world would see your things with that way wouldn't die and leave them ... 
that is another view of the known mask of Mr King Tut Ankh Amun ...What a Nice Mask To wear in a party but when u do ware of the Police ..They will be after you take a Good care Then  
well that is a different coffin ,,it is all from gold and precious stones ...hey tell me if u got a coffin like that ...will you die in ...i bet on that ... 
hey look at that .....that is the throne of Tut ....isn't it beautiful?? 
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