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My special thought about that Egyptian Little King
        Well first of all you all must consider that it is just a special thought and it doesn't belong to history by any means ,maybe you will touch some truth ...maybe you will touch some madness but it is just a thought and doesn't belong to anything ..

      Well if we looked at such a king and began thinking of his life ..he sat on the throne when he was 8 or 9 after the death of great Akhnaton who made the town Akhetaton (Tall El Amarna now ) He was married as i know to the third daughter of Akhnaton ...But why should a Little man like him sit on the Throne ...Why shouldn't Nefertiti the wife of Akhnaton sit on The throne ..Well I don't Know that ..I tried To Find it But i Couldn't .

    So . Would The Priests let Him just Rule the country At the Age .. Well ..I think They were roaming the country when he was there ...I think they were ruling the country with any other king ..cuz they are having The Power ..The Knowledge .. Magic ..well ..In that Case I think they were doing what Tut must do under his name ...that doesn't mean to take from him the power as King Of Great Egypt ..But that means to look to the situations from a man's thought..well ..Priests were not looking for ruling the country cuz there were no time for that ..they were looking for more knowledge and more power ..they were working hard and they reached great things ..we still now don't know how did they reached it ..they made a complete operation in the brain for a man ..and that is known till now could they do that???? Some say that they reached Electricity ....well that what prevented them from ruling the country ...they could do that easy with Tut when was on the Throne ... a little man ... and u know that they could ..and they could with great kings too ....they were more powerful  but  Science prevented them ...

       Well ...I don't Know if I am right Or wrong ..but I say What is there in my mind and that 's all ..well you see ..He was a Great King ..well he wasn't staying in Tall El Amarna ...but He Moved to Memphis ,,,Well I said before .He was married to keep his throne ..and beside of that he had to marry one from the Royal family all know that ....He had Children  but no one had survived and he was dead when he was 18 ..then Ay came after him ..perhaps married his widow.

  I think he was unlucky king ..well that won't make a difference now ..he 's dead anyway but he left a great treasure ..and his Tomb was the only tomb that survived from the hands of the thieves ..well i guess ..that was one of his bad luck too ..just to give us the chance to know about him ..well of course that's our Good Luck ..well ..all his treasure now are in the egyptian museum in Egypt ..If you see it will Get what i mean ..

      As I said before these are just thoughts ..there is some historical points ..well I don't know exactly if it is 100% True ..well i guess i doubt everything ...anyway ...hope to hear your own opinion about him ....  

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