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 So .when the man got strong and watched his animals running over the ground he stood their with his stick and thought for a little and said :I Wonder Why All These Animals Running ,My Knowledge Taught Me That Animals Feel Of Danger Before Happening ,,,,,So,I Had To Get Ready ,,,,Something Big Must Be Happening While I Don't Know .... 
The man went to his small house trying to back some of his clothes and get ready for the unknown fear .....When Suddenly He Heard Noise .....
THE KING IS COMING NOW ....A Strong Voice Announced   
What kind Of kings Should That King Could Be I wounder???he was Shocked ,,,,,,,,,,,,Tut Ankh Amun ,,,,,,Son Of Amun God Of The Sun Has Come To His House ,,,,He Looked For His Glasses To Wear But There Was No Time .....The King Was Here 
Hey All Of You ...Bend And Kneel Before The Holly Son Of Amun God Of Sun And The God Of Wisdom
well as we all see that the humble man didn't know what to do so he closed his eyes and prayed before god to make this night passes .. there is a bad dream ..or may be it is a nightmare ..but just pass ..  
This is a view of one of the rooms of the tomb ...well as you all see seems like that he has left it from just couple of hrs or two weeks not more than 3000 that a part of the curse ..well till now no one knows  
That is a map shows the tomb from inside and the number of rooms there and shows the statues which are in there  
That is another coffin of Little King Tut ...Sitting peacefully in the Tomb doesn't know what to  
That is a close look to The King's Stuff ....As you see there is a face of a buffalo and a small status at the side of a cupboard of the king .....well that seems that is the Stuff which he had been using in his sleeping room .. he was a neat man I think  
That Was in the tomb when it was first opened on november 1922..u see there is a bed and boxes of everything which the king was using ......the ancient egyptians didn't use there things after death ,,,every king when he dies they put everything he was using with him to use in his other life .. 
There is a chair taking a chape of a tiger and of course everything with gold .. i wounder if i was there and i was working as a thief ...that would be a very special hunt ..humhumhum..
that makes me laugh ....but the thought ain't wrong ...anyone could think like that ... and many could think what if i was that TUT ANKH AMUN...Oh i would be Called
Son Of Amun God Of The Sun ......Wow What a name a man could have

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