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Akhnaton and an individual Religious way
Here is the great King Akhnaton Father of King Tut Ankh Amun ..that is the man Whom they said that he is Moses and there were roomers saying that he is Moses friend ...well No one can know about that ...but the strange thing is they didn't find his tomb and his mummy he was married to Queen Nefertiti The most beautiful Queen ....
her beauty is still  there in her status as we see it .....He had one son which is King Tut and three Daughters ...Two from Nefertiti and the other from another woman from the royal family which whom King Tut married ....well king Akhnaton is also known as Amenophis the fifth and Amenhotop the fifth too
..his father is king Amenophis the third ..his mother is Tiy...
Father King Amenophis the third...
Well .......Akhnaton was an individual religious state in the Egyptian ancient religon ..He was the first who asked for prying for one God and he was convencied that there can't be more than one God on the earth .. He looked for the sun as something unique and chose it as the step between him and his God ...and some say that he took it as a God ...and He asked for forgetting prying to Amun ....and that's Why he was having problems with the Preists of Amun and they said that he is the enemy of Amun ....and after his death ......His son Tut sat on the throne and He was been made Amun's son
Here are the pryers of Akhnaton to Aton
Pslam TO The Blessed Aton
Living Aton Beginer of Life
Thou art in the sight of men yet
thy ways art not known
How manifold art thy works!
They Art hidden from the sight of men
O Sole God.
Like Whom there 's no Other !
Thou didst fashionthe earth
accourding to their desire
thou Art in My heart , but there
is no one other Who knows thee
Save thy son Akhnaton
Thou hast made him wise in thy
plans and thy power "
Attributed to Akhnaton
Also He was the one Who called himself Akhnaton and He called his God Aton ......He also made a town and called it Akhetaton ..means the City Of Aton ....Which is known now as Tall El Amarna Egypt....
Akhnaton was the only Pharaohs that they said that he is Moses .....and he was arounded by roomers ....well let us see that ...that 's a page i got from a site and I am convenced of that man has written .....i didn't change any letter in that page ...but i changed the style .....
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